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M-1898 Cadet Bayonet Basic Information

The M-1898 Cadet Bayonet, or Type II Krag Cadet Bayonet, is a second variant of the M-1892 Bayonet made specifically for the Cadet Corps at West Point and may have been used at other military schools. The bayonet is a full size standard bayonet, modified with nickel plating, a rounded tip, and rosewood grips secured by threaded screws instead of rivets. Produced in very limited quantities this bayonet is sometimes confused with standard M-1892 bayonets that were chromed for use in veteran posts.


M-1898 Basic Data

Blade Length: 11.6 inches Overall Length: 16.2 inches
Blade Width: 1.0 inches Blade Thickness: 0.25 inches
Scabbards: The standard blued fourth type of metal body scabbards is typically seen with this Cadet Bayonet. No official records have been found to date.