The Springfield Edge

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Report on current research and production data

  The following files reflect serial numbers, by model number, gathered on the most common Springfield Armory edged weapons. The primary value of this data to collectors is the differentiation of serial numbers by calendar year (January 1-December 31 of a given year) from that of the fiscal year (July 1 of the given year to June 30 of the following year) as published by the Springfield Armory and reflected in their production numbers.
  M-1860 Staff & Field Officer Sword   M-1872 Cadet Sword
  M-1872 Cavalry Officer Sword   M-1872 Mounted Artillery Officers Sword
  M-1902 Officers Saber   General Officers Sword
  M-1904   M-1905
  M-1904 Corps Knife  Updated M-1905 Bayonet (Springfield)
  PDF     PDF  
 Updated M-1905 Bayonet (Rock Island)   M-1905-06 Experimental Saber
  PDF     PDF  
  M-1909     M-1910
Updated M-1909 Bolo Knife   M-1910 Bolo Knife
  PDF     PDF  
 Updated M-1911 Cavalry Equipment Board Experimental Saber  Updated M-1913 Enlisted Cavalry Saber
(aka Patton Sword)
  PDF     PDF  
  Updated: 3-18-2007