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Manuals and Publications

  Military Manuals – U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. or designated civilian publishers.

Manual of the Bayonet – United States Army 1913

Riot Duty by Capt. Jas. A. Moss, 24th U.S. Infantry 1911

Bayonet Training Manual, School of Arms, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, Army War College,1918

FM 23-25 Basic Field Manual, Bayonet, M1905, 1940, 1943

Notes on Bayonet Training, Army War College, 1917, Confidential

Description and Rules for the Management of the U.S. Magazine Rifle, Model of 1903, Caliber.30. 1904, 1906, 1908, 1911

TM 9-1270, War Department Technical Manual, Ordnance Maintenance, U.S. Rifles, Cal. .30, M1903, M1903A3, and M1903A4, 20 January 1944

Basic Field Manual, Volume III, Basic Weapons, Part One, Rifle Company, Chapter 4, Instruction with the Bayonet, 1932

Special Edition, Infantry Drill Regulations, United States Army, with Interpretations by the Recorder of Tactical Boards, Army Navy Journal, 1891

The Ship and Gun Drills, U.S. Navy, 1911

Field Service Regulations, United States Army, 1914

Drill Regulations and Service Manual for Sanitary Troops, United States Army, 1914, and1917 Corrected Changes

Cavalry Drill Regulations, United States Army, 1916, and 1917 Corrected Changes

Provisional Regulations for Saber Exercise, United States Army, 1908

Saber Exercise, United States Army, 1914
Infantry Drill Regulations, United States Army, Revised 1904, 1911, with Corrections 1913, and with Corrections 1918

Provisional Small Arms Firing Manual, 1909

Rules of Land Warfare, 1914

Manual for Noncommissioned Officers and Privates of Infantry of the United States Army, 1917, and 1917 Corrected Changes

  Publications – Civilian Publishers

Swords and Sabers of the Armory at Springfield by Burton A. Kellerstedt

Collecting Bayonest by J. A. Maddox

The American Bayonet by Albert N. Hardin Jr.

Light But Efficient by Albert N. Hardin Jr. and Robert W. Hedden

Bayonets From Janzen’s Notebook by Jerry L. Janzen

U. S. Military Knives Bayonets & Machetes-Book III by M.H. Cole

U. S. Military Knives Bayonets & Machetes-Book IV by M.H. Cole

American Socket Bayonets and Scabbards by Robert M. Reilly

The Military Knife & Bayonet by Homer M. Brett

American Military Swords: An Annotated Bibliography by Leonard J. Garigliano

The American Sword 1775-1945 by Harold L. Peterson

Bayonets, Knives & Scabbards, United States Army Edged Weapons Report, 1917 Thru 1945, Declassified, DoD Directive No. 5200.9, Edited by Frank Trzaska

American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century by Gary M. Cunningham

Arsenal of Freedom The Springfield Armory 1890-1948 by Lt. Col. William S. Brophy

The Springfield 1903 Rifles by Lt. Col. William S. Brophy, USAR, (Ret.)

A Collector’s Guide to the ’03 Springfield by Bruce N. Canfield

The .45-70 Springfield by Albert J. Fraska, Ph.D. and Robert H. Hill

The .45-70 Springfield-Book II by Albert J. Fraska, Ph.D.

U.S. Martial Web Belts and Bandoliers: 1903-1981 by R. Stephen Dorsey

American Military Belts and Related Equipment by R. Stephen Dorsey


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