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M-1900 Bowie Bayonet
Basic Information

Officially named the M-1900 Combination Knife Bayonet and Intrenching Tool, the Krag Bowie Bayonet as it is commonly known, is another variant of the M-1892 Bayonet. It was specifically designed and issued for field trials in tropical areas, most notably in the Philippines. Approximately 2500 of the estimated 2850 made were used in field trials.

The Bowie Bayonet was regarded as attractive to the eye, but unsuitable for multiple purposes and quite fragile at the tip. Few pieces of this bayonet exist in decent condition, and like many other of the Krag Bayonet variants, this rare bayonet is highly sought after.


M-1900 Basic Data

Blade Length: 9.1 inches Overall Length: 12.3 inches
Blade Width: 1.75 inches Blade Thickness: 0.225 inches
Scabbards: There one distinct standard blued, metal body scabbard manufactured for the Bowie Bayonet. It has a wire hanger. It is more rare than the bayonet.