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M-1902 Bolo Bayonet
Basic Information

Officially named the M-1900 Bolo Bayonet, the Krag Bolo Bayonet, is a variant of the M-1892 Bayonet. It is extremely scare and may attempts have been made to create fakes of this rare bayonet, especially by welding M-1892 Bayonets to M-1910 Bolo Knives.

Only 50 of these Bolo Bayonets were produced at the Springfield Armory in 1902, and 6 in 1903. Designed and issued for field trials in the Philippines, no actual indication of their use in such trials have been found in military documents to date.

Great care should be taken in acquiring and authenticating this rare bayonet.


M-1902 Basic Data

Blade Length: 10.25 inches Overall Length: 14.55 inches
Blade Width: 2.1 inches Blade Thickness: 0.25 inches
Scabbards: There was one distinct blued metal body scabbard manufactured for the M-1902 Bolo Bayonet. This scabbard has a wire hanger is more rare than the bayonet.