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M-1910 Bolo Knife Basic Information


The M-1910 Bolo Knife was adopted to be used for clearing brush and foliage from fields of fire or for cutting through jungle growth. Issued concurrently with the larger M-1909 Bolo Knife, the M-1910 Bolo Knife was produced at the Springfield Armory between 1910 and 1917.

Official armory records indicated just under 60,000 were produced. Many Springfield Armory made M-1910 Bolo Knives were later blued and re-issued for WWII. Records indicate the M-1910 Bolo Knife was primarily issued to machine gun companies for clearing fields of fire, and possibly to signal units for clearing brush to string land lines.


In 1917 Plumb and American Cutlery also were contracted to make parkerized bolo knives often designated the M-1917 Bolo by collectors. Later bolo knives of all producers were made without catches.


M-1910 Basic Data

  Blade Length: 10.25 inches Overall Length: 15.0 inches
  Blade Width: 2.125 inches Blade Thickness: 0.25 inches
  Scabbards: The standard M-1910 Bolo Scabbard is fashioned much in the same manner of the M-1910 bayonet scabbard with wood covered in sewn pigskin, a metal throat, metal belt hanger, and a canvas cover with leather tip. In addition to the Rock Island Arsenal version, four civilian contractor scabbards are commonly seen. A metal scabbard was also made by L.F. & C. with a leather connector to a wire belt hanger.