The Springfield Edge

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After a trip to the Hartford gun show, we had the honor to be invited over to Burt and Paulette's house to see Burt's collection and enjoy Paulette's hospitality. Below are photos I took on this, my first and only trip to their house. After attending the 2007 Baltimore gun show and not seeing Burt at his table (there was someone at that table, but it felt wrong some how), I wanted to post something to help those of you who where touched by Burt remember how much he was a part of the community.

You are missed Burt.


  Burt advises Bob and Tom.   Burt shares his vast knowledge.
  John,Burt, Bob and Tom.   Sandy and John...lucky guy.
  Burt discusses his collection.   Bayonets and bayonet holders.
Tom admires Burt's knife collection.
  Burt's M-1905 bayonets.
  M-1905 hilts and blades.   M-1905 and M-1905 E1 bayonets.
  Burt's M1904 Hospital Corp knives.   Burt's Springfield Armory knives.
  Burt's home made rocker!   Burt's rarest bolo bayonets.
  Bert's jewels among the gems.   Burt's swords on the ceiling.
  General Benet's sword.