The Springfield Edge

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M-1873 Entrenching Tool
Basic Information

Designed for use by the U. S. Cavalry during the 1880’s, the M-1873 Entrenching Tool was produced at the Springfield Armory in high numbers. Issued with various model rifles, the M-1873 Entrenching Tool was specifically designed to be used for digging small entrenchments or scraping dirt to form a small, protective mound during battle.

This is regarded as the first of the true issued Springfield Armory edged weapons, other than the sword or saber. Although the piece is fairly common, ones available in excellent condition are sought after by advanced collectors.

The only notable difference in any two tools is the location and size of the U.S. stamped in the turned handle.


M-1839 Basic Data

Blade Length: 8.0 inches Overall Length: 13.5 inches
Blade Width: 3.5 inches Blade Thickness: 0.0325inches
Scabbards: Leather covered with ring for saddle mounting. Many scabbards are noted to have a leather loop instead of a metal ring.  
Reference Photos    
US markings on obverse
M-1873 US Varient Markings
Close up of US makring on handle and scabbard
Alternate US stamping