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M-1890 Intrenching Knife Basic Information

The M-1890 Intrenching Knife was a change in nomenclature for the M-1880 Hunting Knife in order to emphasize that combat was the primary purpose of the knife, not hunting and skinning game. In 1893, the Springfield Armory made 501 M-1890 Intrenching Knives.

Changes of markings were made on the guard and pommel, so as to distinguish the new knife from its predecessor.

Reproductions of this rare and highly sought after knife are common and collectors should use caution.


M-1890 Basic Data

Blade Length: 8.5 inches Overall Length: 13.56 inches
Blade Width: 2.0 inches Blade Thickness:0.125 inches
Scabbards: The M-1890 Intrenching Knife had a brass hook scabbard. It was manufactured at the Rock Island Arsenal and is so marked.