The Springfield Edge

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M-1860 Staff and Field Officers Sword Basic Information

The M-1860 Staff and Field Officers Sword, also occasionally referred to as the Staff and Line Officers Sword and the Foot and Staff Officers Sword in official publications, was produced in modest quantities (5,261) between1873 and 1902.

During this period, several changes were made, including the hilt, grip, etched panels and the signature on the ricasso. Such an abundance of changes and the reasonable quantities produced make the M-1860 a highly desirable and historically significant sword to collectors.

Most of the M-1860 swords produced at the Springfield Armory were marked with some variation of that name. However, a small quantity of M-1860 Springfield produced swords also bear the signature of National Armory. The M-1860 was also widely produced for the Army and fraternal organizations by many civilian manufacturers.


M-1860 Basic Data

Blade Length: 31.1 inches Overall Length: 37.5 inches
Blade Width: 0.625 inches Blade Thickness: 0.25 inches
Scabbards: The M-1860 scabbard is seen browned (early), blued, and nickel-plated. There are numerous variants to the drag.