The Springfield Edge

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M-1872 Cadet Sword Basic Information

The M-1872 Cadet Sword is one of three swords and sabers to bear the M-1872 designation and all are rare, especially the Cadet version. Developed in 1867 and produced in 1868, this sword was strictly designated for use at West Point Military Academy by the Springfield Armory.

Several civilian contractors produced similar swords for other military schools and some care must be taken to insure authenticity.

The diamond-shaped blade on the M-1872 Cadet Sword is plain and highly polished, with only the only marking being the Springfield Armory signature on the ricasso. Because of the constant polishing of this sword, the signature can be nearly indistinguishable.

Only 253 of these swords were produced at the Springfield Armory between 1869 and 1914.


M-1872 Basic Data

Blade Length: 28.625 inches Overall Length: 34.5 inches
Blade Width: 0.625 inches Blade Thickness: 0.25 inches
Scabbards: The correct M-1872 Cadet scabbard is nickel-plated and may be more rare than the sword. Both the mouthpiece and drag are gilded bronze. There are known variants.