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M-1902 Officers Saber

The M-1902 Officers Saber was designed and adopted as a replacement for the M-1860 Staff and Field Officers Sword, which was regarded as too light for slashing and not stiff enough for thrusting. This saber continues as the authorized model to this day.

The M-1902 Officers Saber was authorized in three different lengths and has been seen in five different signature patterns, two of which are quite scarce. Production began in 1903 and continued through 1918.

A total of 5,735 M-1902 Officers Sabers were produced at the Springfield Armory. The M-1902 was also widely produced for the Army and military schools by many civilian contractors and are generally much less sought after.


M-1902 Officers Saber

Blade Length: 30, 32, and 34 inches Overall Length: add 5.25 inches
Blade Width: 0.875 inches Blade Thickness: 0.25 inches
Scabbards: The M-1902 scabbard is German silver or nickel-plated steel. There are three lengths to accommodate the blade lengths.  
Signatures on this saber can be broken down into several types.  
Type I Type II  
Type I Signatures Type II Signatures  
Type III Type IV  
Type III Signatures Type IV Signatures  
Type V    
Type V Signatures    
Several presentation sabers have had the recipients name etched into one of the panels. An example below is that of General T. "Tommy Gun" Thompson  
General T. "Tommy Gun" Thompson