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M-1905/06 Experimental Saber Basic Information

The M-1905/06 Experimental Saber was designed and 11 were produced for trials in 1905 after several prototypes were produced, examined and rejected. (Most of these prototypes are at the Springfield Armory Museum today.) The saber was designed to be used by the Cavalry instead of the M-1902 Officers Saber.

The M-1905/06 Officers Saber was produced in three different lengths for trials.

A total of 157 additional M-1905/06 Experimental Sabers were produced at the Springfield Armory in 1906. Just over 1,000 hilts and guards produced by Springfield were sent to the Ames Company for mounting on Ames manufactured blades.

Both Springfield and Ames produced the M-1905/06 Experimental Saber in three different lengths and with two points, standard and clipped. Springfield put serial numbers on their blades to date, about 30 serial numbers have been seen and recorded.


M-1905/06 Basic Data

Blade Length: 27, 30, and 32 inches Overall Length: add 6.25 inches
Blade Width: 0.875 inches Blade Thickness: 0.25 inches
Scabbards: The M-1905/06 scabbard is made of wood, covered in collar leather for enlisted and pigskin for officers, and was manufactured at the Rock Island Arsenal. There are three lengths to accommodate the blade lengths. Nickel-plated steel scabbards have also been noted. They are rare and assumed to have been produced at the Springfield Armory.