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M-1911 Cavalry Equipment Board Experimental Saber

The M-1911 Cavalry Equipment Board Experimental Saber was designed produced for trials following rejection of the M-1905/06 Experimental Saber as being too light for cavalry use. It was eventually rejected in favor of the M-1913 Cavalry Saber.

Production records indicate that only 79 sabers were made at the Springfield Armory in 1911 and serial numbered. However, the serial numbers of the approximately 15 known M-1911 Cavalry Equipment Board Experimental Sabers range from 115 to 164.

This rare saber is among the most sought after cavalry saber made and is highly prized in any condition. The blade is bright with a slight curve and stopped fuller. It has a wedge shaped leather buffer, held in place by a portion of the guard. The scabbard is as much of interest as the saber.


M-1911 Basic Data

Blade Length: 31.75 inches Overall Length: 37.75 inches
Blade Width: 1.0625 inches Blade Thickness: 0.3125 inches
Scabbards: The M-1911 Cavalry Equipment Board Experimental Saber scabbard was made at the Rock Island Arsenal. It is fabric over wood with a metal throat and drag. The drag has a tent peg teat at the tip.